Bench press

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Strengthening and developing the upper muscles limbs, chest, and back, raising cardiopulmonary capacity.

How to use 

Warm up your joints and muscles for five minutes. Sit on the seat, lean back, grab the handles, and push them in front of you. Slowly return to the starting position.


Repeat the movement six times and then take a break for 3 minutes. You can make a maximum of five consecutive groups depending on the user's current health. If you feel any pain, stop training immediately.


The maximum allowed weight of the user is 120 kg. The area of 2 meters from the user/machine must stay clear during the workout. Without the attendance of adults, children under 15 years are not allowed.

Safety information 

Exercise must be slow and smooth. Being overweight can result in health problems. If in doubt, consult a doctor. Avoid injury - do not use the device if the surface is wet, frosty, hot or if the device is visibly damaged. Attention: The movement of the machine is demonstrated in the picture. It is forbidden for sick or disabled people to use this machine. Warning: Beware of Squeezing



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